Tuscan Hills Restaurant

Every great story starts with a dream. Ours began in the rustic kitchens of Tuscany, where family recipes were passed down through generations. Inspired by these culinary traditions, we set out to bring a slice of Italy to Beverly.

Nestled in the heart of Beverly, MA, Tuscan Hills Pizzeria is more than just a restaurant—it’s a journey through Italy’s rich culinary heritage. Born from a passion for genuine Italian cuisine and a love for community, we’ve been serving handcrafted pizzas and traditional dishes that echo the flavors and spirit of Tuscany.

About Us


When I decided to open Tuscan Hills Pizzeria, the aim was not only to prepare a delicious Tuscan-Italian food but also to provide my customers with a great service and an unforgettable experience. It started with a clear idea of offering an authentic Tuscan-Italian-Mediterranean cuisine.

After many years of culinarily experience, my dream to open a Tuscan-Italian Restaurant became a reality, but also a challenge. By opening a Tuscan Hills Pizzeria in Beverly, I want to bring both, my love and Know-How of Italian kitchen, design a trustworthy relationship with my customers and connect with the entire community.

Catering Availiable now

Tuscan Hills Catering

Experience the magic of Italian dining.

Order your catering with us and embark on a culinary journey through Tuscany.




Dive into our curated picks, showcasing the essence of Tuscan Hills Pizzeria. Each dish, handpicked from our extensive menu, represents the pinnacle of our culinary passion and the rich heritage of Italian cuisine.
  • Chicken Marsala $40.00 | $80.00

    Half Tray $40 Serves up to 10 people.
    Full Tray $80-serves up to 20 people.

  • Chicken with Lemon sauce $40.00 | $80.00

    Half Tray $40 Serves up to 10 people.
    Full Tray $80-serves up to 20 people.